Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can clothes be left in dressers?

Clothing can be left in dresser drawers if the weight is still manageable by our crew. Breakables and loose items such as change or jewelry need to be removed.

  • What’s the best way to pack our own boxes?

Mark fragile boxes with FRAGILE and all others with what room they are going to (Garage, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, etc. Make sure your boxes are taped shut and nothing is sticking out of the top. This will not only make the move go quicker but also minimize the chances of damage as we can build tighter tiers. Plastic totes are not recommended as they crush easily but we will still move them.

  • Do you provide moving blankets?

Our trucks come fully equipped with 6 dozen heavy-duty moving blankets, neoprene floor runners, door jamb protectors, hand trucks, 4-wheel dollies, an appliance dolly, hump straps, harness straps, tie downs, moving bands, plastic wrap, tape, and some boxes just in case. If loading your truck, we will still show up with our equipment but you will have to supply protection and tie-downs.

  • Can I tip the movers?

Yes, tips are greatly appreciated but by no means required.

  • Do you sell and deliver boxes?

Yes, call for details.

  • Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured, even to the level of commercial and government move insurance requirements.

  • How do you do Estimates?

We offer to come to your house or place of business to do Estimates free of charge! We can do Video Walkthroughs as well. If you only have a few items, we can give you a good idea over the phone but it is always best to see everything in person.

  • How does payment work?

Payment is due once the move is completed. We accept Credit Cards but Cash and Checks are preferred as we chose not to forward CC processing fees to our customers.

  • What is considered a Long-Distance Move?

Anything over 55 miles is considered Long Distance and will be charged based on distance and weight. Call for more details.


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